South Coast Staging

Our Experience

Over the past 18 years we have bought, remodeled, staged, rented and sold multiple homes and condos in the US and abroad. We’ve delightfully noticed that buyers are very drawn to our California Eclectic aesthetic. Our properties have always sold quickly, and for near or above asking price. Every buyer has asked to purchase our furniture and décor. Our staging appeals to a broad range of buyers--in fact, we have sold to families from 4 different continents!

The Power of a Beautiful Environment

In 2003 we moved with our 3 young children to work in the AIDS-ravaged slums of South Africa. As we worked with community members on a grass-roots level to help them bring about the change they desperately wanted to see in their impoverished townships, we began to notice the restorative power of beauty. We decorated our own home with vibrant designs, and created beautiful spaces where those we worked with could also be refreshed. This is where our passion for décor fully bloomed.

Making Your Home More Beautiful

Now that we are living in the lovely Silver Strand Beach community in Ventura County, we thought we should put our real estate staging abilities to work for others. It will be our great joy to stage your home in a beautiful, comfortable style that sells quickly and for top dollar.

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